An appointment with well-being

Terme Parco Maria Hotel features three thermal pools with the celebrated hot springs of Ischia, a generous product of the fertile subsoil surrounding the hotel, offering a special treat for the guests.

There are two outdoor pools, hidden in the gardens of tropical and subtropical plants. The pools are surrounded by spacious tanning facilities with sun beds and umbrellas. The third pool is on premises and it is perfect for a relaxing bath in a quiet atmosphere. During the summer the indoor pool is uncovered for a full enjoyment of the sun and the surrounding nature. Palm trees and colourful flowers fill the stretches of land between the pools. Flanking the borders of the pools, strong waterfalls with jets of thermal water will fill you with energy and invite you to leave your worries behind to get the most out of your holiday in Ischia. What do we recommend? Let yourself go and relax in the pools and take long walks in the shaded park for the ultimate wellness experience.